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We Provide Earthquake Insurance for Californians

California Residential Condo / Condominium Earthquake Insurance Policies

California Condominium & Condo Earthquake Insurance Policies

CEA earthquake policy can cover what your condo unit and HOA's policies may not

Earthquake damage to your personal belongings or the inside of your unit are usually not covered by your condo unit or homeowners association (HOA) insurance.

And while some HOAs may have insurance to cover earthquake damage to a condo building’s exterior, many also require owners to share the non-covered repair costs or pay part of the HOA’s policy deductible (through a loss assessment).

To protect what's inside you​r condo, and to get help covering your loss assessment, you need a separate earthquake policy, like one from California Earthquake Authority (CEA).

You have choices in condo earthquake coverage 

CEA gives condo unit owners more coverage choices and deductible options for earthquake insurance so you can customize your policy to meet your needs and budget:

Coverage Condo / Condominium Unit Policy
Building Property Optional
Building Code Upgrade Included when Building Property or Loss Assessment coverage is purchased
Personal Property (Belongings) and Loss of Use Optional
Loss Assessment Optional
Emergency Repairs Included when Building Property or Personal Property is purchased
Breakables Optional

Ready for the next step?

Read your CEA policy carefully

We encourage you to read your entire CEA policy to understand what is covered and what is not. Exclusions and special limits apply. Your condo owners insurance agent can answer any questions.

All details, limits, and conditions of CEA coverages are found in CEA insurance policies. Refer to a Sample Policy, below, for current CEA policy language.