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We Provide Earthquake Insurance for Californians

How to Become a CEA Participating Insurer (PI)

​​How can my company sell CEA policies?

Thank you for your interest in selling California Earthquake Authority (CEA) earthquake insurance to your home, condominium and rental policyholders. Here are some facts you should know:

  • California law requires all residential insurers in the state to offer earthquake insurance to policyholders when writing or renewing residential property insurance in California.
  • ​CEA earthquake policies are sold only through California-licensed property insurance companies that submit a CEA ​participation request to, and are approved by, CEA's Governing Board, become CEA "participating insurance companies" (PIs).
  • CEA works closely with our PIs that sell and service our residential earthquake insurance policies to their existing customers. Each CEA participating insurer must enter into a Insurer Participation Agreement that is executed on behalf of each respective participating insurer, the Authority, and the Insurance Commissioner.
  • PIs' policyholders must have a residential property insurance policy through a CEA Participating Insurer before they can purchase a CEA policy.

California Insurance Code spells it out for you

CEA is happy to answer any questions you may have. However, most of the important information you need about becoming a PI with CEA is described in California Insurance Code §§10089.5—10089.54.

How to become a PI Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do CEA PIs do?

In addition to selling CEA policies, our PIs also perform the following tasks:

  • Service policies.
  • Manage all policy-related billing.
  • Handle all claims.
  • Print and mail CEA-related policies and forms.

Q. What policies does CEA write?

CEA offers residential earthquake insurance policies for:

Q. Do I have to have an office or a branch in California to join your program?

No, CEA earthquake policies are sold only through California-licensed property insurance companies. As long as your company and its representatives are licensed in California and can handle the servicing and claims of California insurance policies, you may write policies for the CEA as a CEA Participating Insurer.

In addition, it is the responsibility of Participating Insurers to make sure their claim representatives – including any independent claim representatives they employ – are trained in accordance with CEA claim-handling guidelines, as well as California Fair Claims Settlement Practices found in the California Code of Regulation, Title 10, Chapter 5, Subchapter 7.5. 

If you have additional questions, please call CEA's Operations Department at (888) 423-2322.

We look forward to working with y​ou to help get your California residential policyholders insured for earthquake risk and damage.