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We Provide Earthquake Insurance for Californians

Executive Management

A Strong Foundation of Leadership

California Earthquake Authority's (CEA) Executive Team offers a rich history of longstanding leadership in diverse industries that serve the public, such as insurance, communications, government, finance and law. See CEA's Strategic Plan for more details on our goals, strategies and core principles. Reporters are invited to visit the Quotable Experts page within our Press Room to access more information on CEA leaders who may be available for interviews​.

Glenn Pomeroy
Chief Executive Officer

Glenn Pomeroy, CEA Chief Executive Officer

Kellie Schneider
Chief Operations Officer

Kellie Schneider, Chief Operations Officer

Tim Richison
Chief Financial Officer

Tim Richison, CEA Chief Financial Officer

Todd Coombes
Chief Insurance & Technology Officer

Todd Coombes, Chief Information and Technology Officer

Shawna Ackerman
Chief Actuary

Shawna Ackerman, Chief Actuary

Danny Marshall
General Counsel

Danny Marshall, General Counsel

Janiele Maffei
Chief Mitigation Officer

Janiele Maffei, Chief Mitigation Officer

Chris Nance
Chief Communications Officer

Chris Nance, Chief Communications Officer