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We Provide Earthquake Insurance for Californians

For Agents: CEA Mobilehome / Manufactured Homeowners Policies

​​​We have the right earthquake policies for you to recommend to your mobilehome customers!

When an earthquake strikes, your customers want peace of mind knowing that the costs to repair their mobilehome and replace their belongings are covered. With more coverage choices, more deductible options, and more affordable rates, mobilehome owners can find the policy that best fits their needs and budget.

CEA offers two policies for mobilehome owners:

  • Homeowners Choice offers coverage for your customer’s dwelling, with deductibles from 5% to 25%, and includes limited building code upgrade and emergency repairs coverage. Optional are coverages for personal property (written with a separate, customer-specified deductible that's waived if the dwelling deductible is met) and loss of use with no deductible (includes additional living expenses if policyholder must leave the home due to earthquake damage). Coverage A is required, but customer chooses other coverages, limits and deductibles that best meet their needs.
  • Standard Homeowners bundles all coverages into one package: dwelling (including limited building code upgrade and emergency repairs), personal property, and loss of use (includes additional living expenses if policyholder must leave the home due to earthquake damage). Coverages, except loss of use (which has no deductible), are subject to the dwelling deductible.

Compare mobilehome / manufactured homeowners policies​​

Your customers can choose the policy that provides the coverage and deductible options they want, now ranging from 5 to 25 percent:

Coverage Homeowners Choice Standard Homeowners
Dwelling Included Included
Building Code Upgrade Included Included
​Personal Property Optional Included
Emergency Repairs Included Included
Loss of Use Optional Included
Breakables Optional Optional

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