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We Provide Earthquake Insurance for Californians

For Agents: CEA Condo / Condominium Policies

Do you have customers who live in a condo unit or other common-interest development property? A California Earthquake Authority (CEA) earthquake policy can cover what a condo unit homeowners policy or HOA policy may not.

As you know, HOA master earthquake policies usually don't cover damage to personal belongings or the inside of a condo. Many associations also require owners to pay a share of exterior or common area repair costs or help pay the HOA master policy’s deductible, both through a loss assessment.

Let your condo-unit customers know they can get a separate CEA condo-unit earthquake insurance policy to help cover these costs—so they can repair, replace and recover.

Coverage options for condo-unit owners

CEA gives condo-unit owners many coverage/limit choices and deductible options for earthquake insurance. Coverages can be purchased separately or in available combinations:​

Coverage Condo Unit Policy
Building Property Optional
Building Code Upgrade Included (when Building Property or Loss Assessment coverage is purchased)
Personal Property and Loss of Use Optional
Loss Assessment Optional
Emergency Repairs Included (when Building Property or Personal Property is purchased)
Breakables Optional

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