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We Provide Earthquake Insurance for Californians

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Get Your Policyholders "Dreaming" About Earthquake Insurance

August 21, 2017
There’s no shortage of reminders for Californians that earthquakes are a real risk. So while they’re thinking about it, help them choose the right CEA earthquake insurance policy so they can keep their California dreams alive.

Back to Earthquake School

August 07, 2017
When your policyholders have questions about CEA earthquake insurance, do you have the answers? Get back to school with free CEA training and become a trusted earthquake insurance guru.

It Won't Happen to Me

July 17, 2017
How to keep unrealistic optimists from a rude awakening when the next damaging earthquake hits.

How’s that Earthquake Preparedness Kit Coming Along?

July 03, 2017
When you live in Earthquake Country, being prepared for an earthquake makes sense. Help your customers prepare for the next damaging earthquake with an emergency preparedness kit.

Home Sweet Home

June 30, 2017
When it comes down to writing a CEA earthquake insurance policy, you're not just helping your policyholder insure the place where they live. You're helping insure a home, a place of special memories and meaning.

California is home to nearly 2,000 known faults

June 05, 2017
California is home to more than 2,000 known faults, yet only about 1 in 10 Californians carry earthquake insurance on their home. That means there are billions of dollars in uninsured earthquake risk throughout the state. CEA wants to make sure you have a comprehensive set of tools to help you sell CEA policies.

Selling Earthquake Insurance in Lower Risk Areas

May 24, 2017
We are frequently asked by agents how to sell earthquake policies to clients who live in areas with lower earthquake risk. Here are some important points you can make to inform them that earthquake risk is real for them, too – even if they don't reside in a higher risk area.

New home, New policy

May 05, 2017
At some point, people will do it: Your clients will eventually move or buy a home. With such as a huge life event looming somewhere in your client's future, we wanted to make sure you don't miss out on this great sales opportunity, so we have compiled some things to consider.

What Does Earthquake Recovery Look Like?

April 18, 2017
Many Californians still believe the myth that the government will bail them out if they do not carry earthquake insurance. Below are examples of previous earthquakes that have damaged California and the recovery that was needed versus what was received.

​​April is Earthquake Preparedness Month!

April 12, 2017
For preparedness month, here's a quick refresher on earthquake risk.
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