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We Provide Earthquake Insurance for Californians

Hazard Reduction Discount (HRD) for Older Retrofitted Houses

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Premium discounts for retrofitted houses

  • Has your pre-1979 ​house been retrofitted? CEA offers a premium discount—up to 20 percent—for properly retrofitted older houses. ​
  • ​We also offer a 23 percent premium discount, on average, for mobilehomes reinforced by an earthquake-resistant bracing system certified by the California Department of Housing and Community Development.

To qualify for a 10- or 20-percent Hazard Reduction Discount, you must have a verification inspection form (PDF) signed by a licensed contractor or civil/structural engineer.

You can also "self-verify" that your pre-1979 house is retrofitted to qualify for a 5% Hazard Reduction Discount—just submit a signed CEA Dwelling Retrofit Form (PDF), or an on-site inspection form to your residential insurer stating that all retrofit requirements are met. Discounts are applied immediately, and you only need to qualify once.

​Finding a verification inspector

  • The verification inspection requires an inspection, and sign-off, from a licensed contractor or civil/structural engineer.
  • You may select the contractor, civil engineer, or structural engineer of your choice but we recommend that you confirm that they have experience with seismic retrofits of single-family dwellings.
  • You can find a civil/structural engineer at the Structural Engineers Association of California.

What if my house did not pass inspection?

If your inspector could not sign off on the verification form because your house didn't meet the required retrofit standards, we recommend the following:

  • Ask the inspector why the house didn't qualify. You may have most of what's required already completed, and only need a small amount of additional work done.
  • If your house requires additional retrofit work, identify if the work can be done by a contractor using prescriptive retrofit standards or if you need the help of a design professional (architect or ​engineer) to develop an engineered design.
  • If the retrofit work can be done without an engineered design, check with your local building department to see what retrofit standards they will accept.
  • If the retrofit work requires an engineered design, we recommend that you find an engineer experienced with single-family dwellings.​

California Earthquake Risk and Preparedness